Pat Condell: Patronising the Palestinians

Because we’re racists.

« As Muslims, our blood vengeance against the Jews will only subside with their annihilation. » This is the kind of insanity Israelis are up against, but the free world shoves fingers in ears and pretends not to hear.

Hamas spells it out again. No negotiation ever.

Hezbollah: « It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth. »

Arab human rights group accuses Palestinian authority of widespread abuse of its own people.

Gaza militants violated the laws of war

Palestinians refuse to ban « honour killings ». No outrage in the West. No boycott. No ambassadors called in. Nothing.

Hamas leader’s family treated in Israeli hospital

Hamas: 25 facts for 25 years/

An officer and a Muslim Zionist

Why I no longer hate Israel

Preaching the gospel of liberalism to the Jordanian street

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One Response to Pat Condell: Patronising the Palestinians

  1. Pierre 5 janvier 2013 at 15 03 44 01441 #

    Très bonne vidéo. Merci

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